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Why does a Skoda have heated windows? To keep your hands warm when you’re pushing it… 

The Skoda marque has come a long way since Volkswagen took charge and turned the brand around. The Czech brand spent many years being the butt of automotive jokes, but when the German automotive giant took over in 1995, everything has changed. 

The popular Fabia supermini first appeared in 1999, and is now in it’s third generation. The miniature estate makes a fantastic budget load lugger, and can transport an impressive amount without having a huge footprint on the road. Skoda’s mid-size family car is the Octavia, which is a direct alternative to a Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen Passat.

If you’re looking for Volkswagen build quality without the premium price tag, then a Skoda will make the perfect used car for you.

So on that note, did you hear the one about the family who bought a used Skoda? They lived happily ever after.

Skoda Stock Summary

Model Number in stock Price Range
Fabia 3 £4k - £10k


Octavia 11 £6k - £18k


Rapid 1 £8k - £9k


Rapid Spaceback 1 £9k - £10k


Superb 6 £8k - £19k


Yeti 6 £6k - £14k


Yeti Outdoor 11 £7k - £17k


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